Electrostimulation Control Boxes and Accessories

Over the years, Folsom Electric Company has produced many versions of Pulse Signal Generator boxes for erotic electrical play. Each of these boxes use a standard 9-volt battery (or an optional AC power adapter.) They carefully manipulate the low voltage current into an adjustable pulsating AC signal with characteristics that make it pleasurable.

The nature and design of these Power Control Boxes make them intrinsically safe. There is very little most people could do to these boxes to cause anyone any harm.

Both the PSG-200 series and the PSG-MAX Pulse Signal Generator boxes have a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects. In most cases, Folsom Electric Company will repair these boxes free when they are returned through your dealer. Please DO NOT attempt to repair the unit yourself.

Pulse Signal Generator Control Boxes


Pulse Signal Generator 202 Control Box

The PSG-202 Pulse Signal Generator box is designed for those who are interested in sensual play. The output of this box is intended for sensual stimulation in the lower power ranges.

  • This box has two Electrical Output jacks, each with separate Intensity Adjustment knobs.
  • Quick Disable buttons can instantly turn off either channel's electrical output.
  • A Pulse Rate knob allows you to adjust the cycle rate of the pulse. Adjustment is provided from a slow long duration pulse to a faster short duration pulse.
  • A Frequency knob allows you to adjust the frequency of the AC signal from approximately 15 to 200 Hz. This provides for an adjustment for both personal preferences as well as variations to optimize the output to specific applications.
  • This box runs on a single standard 9-Volt battery.
  • A jack for an optional external AC Adapter is provided to supplement and/or replace battery power.



Pulse Signal Generator MAX Control Box

The PSG-MAX Pulse Signal Generator is a completely different animal from the PSG-200 series of boxes. The operating characteristics have been optimized to produce higher electrical output levels and much shorter pulse durations than the 200 series. The output/operation of the PSG-MAX is more closely related to TENS Generators than the PSG-202 is.

  • This PSG-MAX box has two Electrical Output Jacks, with separate Intensity Adjustment knobs for each output. These output channels are completely independent and are electrically isolated from each other.
  • The two output channels always alternate their output. When one channel is firing, the other channel is idle. This feature has an interesting pleasurable effect as well as to allow safer applications of higher levels of electricity.
  • Quick Disable buttons can instantly turn off either channel's electrical output.
  • Green Channel Indicator LEDs (light emitting diodes) on the PSG-MAX let the user easily know that the indicated channel is either turned ON or OFF, and they indicate when current is being produced on each channel.
  • Red Power Level Indicator LEDs tell the user the amount of power being produced by each channel.
  • A Frequency knob allows you to adjust the frequency of the AC signal from a long duration to a very short duration.
  • A Pulse switch, when turned on, produces a train of "grouped" pulses.
  • A Pulse Rate knob varies the group pulse length. When used with careful adjustment of the Frequency control, a quasi-random pulsing output can be achieved.
  • This box runs on a single standard 9-Volt battery.



MB424 Power Supply 9VDC

This is an optional AC Power Adapter for the PSG-200 series Pulse Signal Generator boxes.




Guide to Electric Sex Instruction Booklet

Get a clear understanding of the value and variety of electro stimulation with this handy guide to the use of electricity for sexual play. This is a basic instruction manual on using signal generator boxes with electrode attachments for erotic electrical stimulation. This 25-page booklet is great for beginners looking for a clear and basic introduction to e-stim play.

Some of the ElectroStimulation Sex topics covered are:
  • Warnings and Safety Concerns
  • Basics of Electro-Stimulation
  • Erotic Electrical Play
  • S/M Electrical Play
  • Electrical Boxes
  • Electrical Toys
  • Home Made Electrical Toys



Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Use these Microfiber Cloths to clean and polish your electrical sex toys.

  • Each fiber is hundreds of times smaller than a cotton strand creating non-abrasive ends which are super soft and absorbent.
  • These Microfiber Cloths are machine-washable.
  • Each set comes with two large Microfiber Cloths Packed in a light weight plastic tube.